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Chinese Knotting: Creative Designs that are Easy and Fun! –by Lydia Chen
Since ancient times, Chinese Knots have been used for various practical and decorative purposes. the intricate knot work and magnificent color combinations lent elegance to everyday objects, and were also an aesthetic expression of Chinese folk symbolism. "Chinese Knotting traces the origins, history, and symbolism of this fascinating craft. The reader is taken through the fundamental elements necessary for tying Chinese decorative knots: the materials, implements, and main processes. Detailed instructions, clear diagrams, and color photographs, combined with an exciting assortment of creative applications will help readers discover the relaxation, artistic satisfaction, and beautifully personalized ornamentation that Chinese knotting can offer.
Limited preview - Edition: 2 - 2003 - 116 pages Preview this book
Preview this book The Complete Book of Chinese Knotting –by Lydia Chen
The Complete Book of Chinese Knotting is the culmination of 20 years of research into the ancient art of Chinese knotting by renowned authority Lydia Chen. Inspired by the decorative knots embellishing ancient artifacts such as pots, jade, statuary, boxes and paintings, the author has systematically classified the basic knots, many almost forgotten, and their variations, as well as developed new knots using various knotting combinations and innovative materials. In addition to a useful summary of the four major techniques for tying basic knots and the nine main ways of modifying them, the author introduces 56 brand new knots and creative designs which can be used to make jewelry, ornaments and stylish wardrobe additions.
Limited preview - 2007 - 160 pages Preview this book