Chinese Knot Materials

silk thread

Chinese knot in the manufacture, the string is the main material. The string will select must pay attention to its glossiness and toughness (quality bad string pinches will be having one kind of midheaven feeling), although will select material may without restraint of style, but the specialized knitting will be easier with the rope to take shape, the knot which will write is also more artistic attractively. What below lists is some commonly used China ties the establishment to use the thread, we often said the South Korean silk belongs to the cross grain thread, but Taiwan silk many for horse race thread.

1 runs the Markin onion thread
10 mm
Teaching demonstration, large-scale knot body, a color color, red
2 horse race threads
6 mm
The large-scale knot body uses like double happiness knot, a color color, red.
4 horse race threads
3 mm
The medium knot body uses, the beginner available this thread, must pay attention turns the thread,
5 horse race threads
2.5 mm
Medium, the small knot body uses, the attention turns the thread, suits the jade carving to tie a knot.
6 horse race threads
1.5 mm
The small knot body uses,
7 horse race threads
l mm
The special subtotal body uses, is inconvenient, may do puts on the jade with, to tie up the teapot knot.
5 registration fee onion thread
2.7 mm
May weave alone or match lining do plant the wire rod
6 registration fee onion thread
1.5 mm
May weave alone or match lining do plant the wire rod
7 registration fee onion thread
1 mm
Circles the ear to use, like beam ear
Single payment for shares onion thread
0.5 mm
Circles the ear to use
2 cross grain threads
6 mm
The large-scale knot body uses, like double happiness knot, spring character knot
3 cross grain threads
4 mm,
The large-scale hanging ornament is suitable
4 cross grain threads
3 mm
Medium, small hangs with (to suit beginner)
5 cross grain threads
2.5 mm
, The subtotal body with (suits beginner)
4 cross grain Jin Congxian
3 mm
The cross grain thread adds Jin Cong
5 cross grain Jin Congxian
2.5 mm
The cross grain thread adds Jin Cong.
Guangzhou strand
Makes the Guangzhou strand, threads may pull out, when the sewing thread uses