Chinese Knot Tutorials

Double Connection Knot(Shuanglian knot)

“Connection? has, gathers, meaning of continually the incessancy. This knot is wraps Lian Ercheng by two thumb knots, therefore " Double Connection ". Unites with together with, in the Chinese propitious language, may the metaphor for the comp...

Double Coin Knot(Shuangqian Knot)

Not only the money represents some kind of currency in China the value, moreover is also the auspicious auspicious omen treasure, when the lunar calendar lunar New Year's Eve, the children may receive so-called " the new year's money "

Sauvastika Knot(The Virtue Knot,Wangzi Knot)

"Wang"(ten thousand), are very in a big way symbolizing very in a big way, the numerous numbers, like " takes constant care of the many affairs of sate ", “the lots of cash in hand? simultaneously is also representing the absolute meaning, like " absolutely safe "

Clover Leaf Knot(Three ring Knot)

Clover Leaf Knot uses are very broad, should be carries on the alternation establishment for it with an end, therefore establishes time any belt link ear's chou, May make three ring knot in above, increases the change.

Button Kont

In not only Chinese ancient times's clothing, button for practical, moreover is also one kind of beautiful decoration. "Niu " is the belt interacts the place, simultaneously, ties the unsolvability, also says Niu

Auspicious Cloud Kont

Cloud, is not only representative ascends the sky or the deity place rides. Moreover the cloud can the rain making moisten the myriad things, uses in each kind of propitious design the auspicious cloud being extremely widespread, but the implication is continuous unceasingly.

Double Ring Knot

This knot's two external ear like Shuanghuan acquires fame. Because arranges he ties same as the creeping oxalis, therefore calls the bifoil creeping oxalis knot; The link and the circle are similar, therefore also calls the double coil knot.

Pan Chang Kont

Buddhism has "the eight precious ingredients ", namely triton, the Wheel of the Law, valuable umbrella, gland, lotus flower, treasured vase, goldfish and plate long and so on 8 treasures, is called "eight propitiously".

Propitious Kont(Good Luck Knot)

"Propitious " is happy, is advantageous, like " heaven protects the good ", "most favorable auspices". "auspicious " is the luck, friendly meaning. "the Book of Changes" on said: "the change cloud has auspicious for the joyous event".

Snake Knot(Grass Knot)

The snake is one of the twelve animals in the Chinese horoscope. It is regarded as bringer of good fortune, and also the guardian of treasure.

Chinese Knot Tassel

Tassels' knot law are many, here only introduced is practical two kinds which, simple, easy to study.