Double Coin Knot(Josephine Knot) tutorials

Not only the money represents some kind of currency in China the value, moreover is also the auspicious auspicious omen treasure, when the lunar calendar lunar New Year's Eve, the children may receive so-called " the new year's money ", therefore the money speaking of the Chinese, but also has eliminates the implication which the monster avoids evil influences. The brand namefor rubber goods tie said that the money ties or the double gold thread knot, is connected by two ancient copper cash shapes acquires fame, symbol " good deed doubling ". The ancient times money is called the spring, with " entire " with, but the implication is " complete in both ". This knot is often applied in establishes decorations and so on necklace, waistband, but uses the combination which several brand namefor rubber goods tie, may constitute the beautiful design, like cloud, perfect knot.