Pan Chang Kont tutorials

This knot's two external ear like Shuanghuan acquires fame. Because arranges he ties same as the creeping oxalis, therefore calls the bifoil creeping oxalis knot; The link and the circle are similar, therefore also calls the double coil knot. " the link " often means continuously not certainly, like gold and jade series. Ancient times the vase shape's drinking vessel, in a week curtain each one ring, called it " hundred link backs ", in addition, also all kinds of ring mutually chain-like, made separately folds the link, series, the dense link, Fang Huan, the tang and so on, even implication complete and long-time unceasingly. Most famous " nine interlocking rings ", hands down is Ksitigarbha holds the monk's staff head's shape, uses for to open door of the hell, may treat as Buddha which avoids evil influences to have. the double ring connection's application is widespread, is a beautiful decoration knot, finds a way is simple, is rapid, may also the single end establishment. The main item, the Manchurian crane head, may substitute by the double ring connection .

Pan Chang Kont