Propitious Kont (Good Luck Knot)tutorials

"Propitious " is happy, is advantageous, like " heaven protects the good ", "most favorable auspices". "auspicious " is the luck, friendly meaning. "the Book of Changes" on said: "the change cloud has auspicious for the joyous event. "the propitious two characters congratulate obviously wish the word, is representing the auspicious omen, happily, like propitious pleasant. The propitious knot's external ear is seven exactly, therefore is called " seven knot ". This knot often appears in the Chinese Buddhist priest's clothing and on the temple decorations, is one ancient and regards as the propitious knot type, therefore acquires fame is " the propitious knot ". This knot may develop becomes the multi-flower petals curved the propitious flower, is artistic really. Plays the part in the knot in the combination, like adds on the propitious knot, may the implication propitious pleasant, propitious safe, the propitious well and healthy.